IMAGINE ! FITE 2022-2023

  For this exhibition I have made a choice from one of my larger projects called Herringbone. Hherringbone is a certain type of fabric. It is usually made from wool and is mostly used for suits and outerwear. The correct name for this kind of fabric is broken twill weave, but the distinctive V-shaped pattern resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. 

I was inspired by the name of the fabric, so I used a real herring, purchased at the local market, took some photos of the herring and created my version of the herringbone pattern, where the zigzag pattern is made out of images of herrings and creates a nice optical effect. 

The next step was to make a suit and a classic style coat with my version of herringbone. The material for the suit had to be silk to have a beautiful shine that the fish skin naturally has. Before sending the suit to the Contextile exhibition in Portugal, where it actually stayed as it got a prize, I took some last-minute photos of the suit using the same fabric for the background except in a bigger scale. 

Later I decided that these photos of the suit are intriguing enough to be printed out on a large piece of fabric, so I used those photos and printed them onto several items, such as a silk slip dress and a cotton sweatshirt, which can be seen in this current exhibition. My version of the herringbone coat has the herring-pattern in a slightly bigger scale and is printed on a neoprene material. 

There is also a white T-shirt with the definition of herringbone from Wikipedia printed in black. My solo exhibition with a larger collection of my Herringbone items flirted with the mood of some brand boutiques and included sub-collections, such as casual-sporty section, using bluish tones, and a more glamorous black-and-white collection from streetwear to evening garments. I even created some accessories, like jewellery, a clutch-bag and socks. And of course I also had some shoes – pointed-toe shoes, classic sneakers and lace-up boots, all with the herringbone pattern. The shoes are present in the current exhibition.
  Photos by Heino Prunsvelt, @boutonproduction, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė