Krista Leesi is an Estonian textile artist - designer, faculty member in Department of Textile Design of Estonian Academy of Arts.

Krista Leesi lectures in textile art and design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She regards pattern as “like a language I know or working tool I can use” – which is not just decorative, but can tell a story and combine traditional and contemporary elements. She has designed repeating patterns for large scale production. However much of her current work is for personal art projects “that can’t be just beautiful, there must be something extra … some message, perhaps hidden at first glance, or ambiguous … or just funny or inconvenient for someone”. Her approach is playful – as in the wallpapers made of Estonian symbols and logos where shapes together make an image that appears like a skull. She also enjoys word play – as in the
patchwork For Your Eyes Only and picture messages for mobile phone texting that she translates into cross stitch or knitting.

Jackie Herald, Experimental Pattern Sourcebook, Rockport 2010


Krista Leesi is a textile artist - designer whose work combines the Estonian crafts tradition with the bold techniques and forms of expression of contemporary art.

Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 Flower Power


Krista Leesi subverts traditional skills: crochet, embroidery, etc through the use of disposable or everyday materials. Language, written words that surround a particular idea, form the impetus for the work.
Leesi wishes to retain a degree of ambiguity about the identity of individual works although there is a core personal narrative that runs through her work, much of which has been related to the body.

Lesley Millar, Cloth and Culture Now 2007


Krista Leesi is an author of many witty works, among other thing of a book where textile terminology is analysed through the “language of objects”.

Kai Lobjakas, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design 2007

  Karin Paulus, PULSS august-september 2016
pulss Karin Paulus
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